My call with my professor last night went more somber than i ever thought was possible. I’m feeling much better today than I was yesterday.

Here is an update to my post yesterday so check that out here first!

Long time no real talk. I apologize for that! I guess I haven’t really felt I had anything interesting to really post about. After everything with the holidays and my family my mind has been overall great, but still all over. More than anything, my first graduate school semester is creeping up.

With Australian International borders still being very much closed, my graduate school degree will be starting online. I’ve thankfully come to terms with although this isn’t an ideal situation, I understand it’s out of my control. Thankfully this newish degree (not the one I originally applied for back…

Happy Sunday! I haven’t done one of these in a while so I thought this post would be a nice treat for all of you (gifted, not an ad).

I do currently have a giveaway going on with them over on my Instagram here!

I’m here to chat a bit about Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters out of New York City. Family owned and women-led specialty coffee roaster out of NYC for over 10 years! They stand for gender equity — focusing on partnering with female coffee producers and over half of their coffee is sourced from female led farms!!!

Soho NYC is a neighborhood densely packed with lots of boujee cafes and coffee shops: some are a hit and some are a huge miss in my opinion.

To preface this, I did write a whole blog post on NYC cafes that seem all perfect on platforms like Instagram, but don’t actually have good coffee. Hence, people just go for the photos… ouch.

Also, I started off this New York City Neighborhood Coffee Guide with the West Village, which you can find

I’ve made the decision to only chat about and mention the BOMB places in Soho so that I’m…

Keep reading to find out if some of the top photographed Instagram cafes in New York City are worth your time.

If there’s one thing you take away from this post:

Instagram aesthetic doesn’t always equal quality coffee.

Instagram New York City Coffee Guide in 2020. Are they worth all of the social media hype? 2020 NYC Cafe Guide.

Keep reading to see what I rate these famous NYC cafes out of 10 for both coffee quality and overall aesthetic.

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Are these New York hyped cafes worth your time…

These are my top spots to get a quality cup of coffee in “The Village” in Manhattan, NYC.

If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram or my youtube, you would’ve seen that I’ve taken a couple trips to New York City in the last month. It’s a really nice treat to be in a place like New Jersey where on my days off I can take solo day trips into NYC. It’s crazy to me looking back now how before quarantine, I didn’t really take advantage of my close proximity to New York City.

Anyway, in the last couple…

Getting in the fall spirit with this weekly vlog! Gotta start this upcoming fall off with Target home decor.

Super excited to test out my new Target home decor finds in some upcoming flat lay content! There’s just something extra cozy about fall. I used to not be a fan of fall because it always reminded how it was a new school year (and especially during middle/high school I wasn’t the happiest with that thought). But ever since going to college up in Maine and experiencing how magical fall truly is in New England I definitely appreciate the season much…

I decided to finally sit down and lay my entire masters journey out. Check out the video below (it’s a long one) while maybe sipping on a nice cup of coffee. I really wanted to create a cohesive bit with everything from how I got into marine science, how I chose my masters program and hopefully where I’ll be going from here.

*spoiler alert* there were A LOT of bumps in the road and there will continue to be — especially If you’ve read this post.

I go into detail about my post graduate journey and what I’ve had to…

Mini New Haven Connecticut Coffee Tour: ultimate coffee crawl in New Haven CT.

I ventured up North to New Haven, Connecticut to visit my brother’s new place he moved into for school this year. OF COURSE I took advantage of my time in a new place to explore their coffee scene. I’ve visited him in CT before, but it was nice to have a longer stay visiting him so I had more time to explore this time around.

There were three coffee spots that were on my list to try this time around:

Some I found online — and some…

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An aspiring marine biologist takes on coffee culture, travel and lifestyle. I’m 23 and NJ based.

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